Vika Creative Media

1. ILLEGAL EATER / T+E Original series with Steven Page / Winner of the Rockie Award for Best Lifestyle Series

  • National Integrated Marketing Campaign with main focus on digital
  • Role: Concept, Art direction, Design for: Web / iPad / Mobile Ads, TV spots, Posters, Print Ads. Oversaw implementation of the strategically integrated national campaign with the main focus on digital – social, mobile, web, including: homepage takeovers, display / animated and expandable banners, film strips, interactive mobile ads / tablet ads, sponsored blogs, email marketing and social media.
  • Platforms: Digital / Mobile / Social Media / Out of Home / On-Air / Print Ads

The Illegal Eater follows musician and foodie Steven Page as he embarks on a journey to uncover some of the tastiest, creative, illegal food in a city’s unlicensed – secret – underground venues.

2. SURVIVORMAN / TV series with Les Stroud

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Platforms: On-Air/ Print/ Out of Home/ Digital / Mobile/ Social Media.


Elligal_exploration.jpg Illegal_eater_poster.jpg Elligal_ipad_iphone.jpg Elligal_ipad_iMac.jpg Elligal_on_air.jpg Illegal_eater_posters_samples1.jpg Survivorman_sketch1.jpg survivor_Ad_themeforest.jpg Survivorman_social.jpg