Vika Creative Media

Blue Ant Media, Corporate Brand development

  • Concept, Art direction, Design.
  • Blue Ant Media┬áis a privately held media company that creates and distributes content internationally in categories that span lifestyle, travel, music, nature, and documentary. The company owns and operates 11 media brands including Cottage Life, AUX, Smithsonian Channel Canada, and Love Nature. Blue Ant publishes its content across its television, mobile, web and magazine properties.


BAM_01_logo_blur_bg_big.jpg BAM_03_entrance.jpg BAM_06_dvd_stationary.jpg BAM_07_b_c_photo1.jpg BAM_08_cup.jpg BAM_10_bottle1.jpg BAM_11_jars.jpg BAM_12_mophie.jpg BAM_13_poster_1.jpg BAM_13_poster_2.jpg BAM_13_poster_3.jpg BAM_13_poster_4.jpg BAM_13_poster_5.jpg BAM_13_poster_6.jpg BAM_13_poster_7.jpg BAM_13_poster_8.jpg BAM_13_poster_9.jpg BAM_13_poster_10.jpg